How we Help our Clients

Inbound Marketing Strategy

We can help you develop your inbound marketing strategy; one that builds on the successes you’ve had; that adapts to your customer's needs and changing buying behaviours.

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Campaign Development

Inbound marketing campaigns promote your content to attract the right visitors to your website, while calls-to-action (CTAs), landing pages, and forms are used to persuade them to share their personal information. While CASL compliant and personalized email nurturing campaigns help them move through their unique buyer's journey.

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Website Development

Your website should work for you, and your customers. It should be attractive to visitors, and it must be optimized for search engines.

It should also be easy to use, so you're not held ransom later by your website designer every time you want to add content or make a change.

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Sales Enablement

The revolution that started with inbound marketing in the early 2000s is now revolutionizing the way businesses, especially B2B organizations, handle the sales function. Increases in productivity, combined with marketing alignment result in revenue growth. 

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Branding and Design

Should your brand be quirky or corporate? Bright or muted? Simple or intricate?
Your brand is about you, and your company, but it should also be about your customer.
Your logo and supporting brand elements should attract the right customer—by choosing the right colours, fonts, and shapes.


What's holding your business back?  What's the best way to get past your obstacles, set and reach goals, or repeat and increase your successes? 

A 22Eighteen Consultant can help you identify obstacles and update inefficient sales processes and outdated marketing practices.

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