The Right Sales Tools for Right Now

Sometimes finding sales enablement tools that your sales team will not only use but will WANT to use, can feel like a monster feat. But it doesn't have to. The HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub tools were design with salespeople in mind—their daily activities, their goals, and their ever-changing environment.

The way B2B purchasers, and consumers buy today is drastically different than even just five years ago. Old-school sales processes and tools just don't work as effectively as they once did. HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales Hub, especially with the HubSpot Marketing Hub, drives the new and more efficient inbound sales methodology.

Our sales enablement services help you convert outdated tools and processes into the customer-centric inbound methodology—resulting in better-aligned sales and marketing teams, a boost to sales productivity, more satisfied customers, and more closed deals.


HubSpot CRM

Finally, a CRM your salespeople will actually WANT to use.
With HubSpot CRM your sales team will see everything about their leads in one place.
And since HubSpot CRM automatically logs sales activity your team will be more productive as tedious administrative tasks, that take up so much of your sales teams time, are eliminated.
While you get a CRM that will help you manage your team and pipeline with total visibility.
And did we mention, it's FREE.
HubSpot CRM is free and always will be.

HubSpot Sales Hub

The HubSpot Sales Hub puts easy-to-use advance technology at your sales teams finger-tips—with features that help your team uncover new leads, connect with more leads, close deals faster, and manage your pipeline with greater insight.

Email Tracking

Remember the good days when you could request a read receipt?  When was the last time a prospect said Yes to that request?
With email tracking you don't have to put the onus on your prospect—and you'll still know when your email is seen.
Works with Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, or Office 365 for Windows.

Inbox Profiles

How much time do your sales reps spend hunting details about your prospects? With HubSpot Sales Hub you'll get contact details, company information, and more right alongside your emails.
Making writing personal and effective follow-up emails faster than ever before.

Calling & Call Tracking

Your team hates logging their calls.  Now, they don't have to.  With HubSpot CRM their calls can be automatically associated with the appropriate contact/company and tracked.
Call from your HubSpot Sales Hub (with your desktop browser or mobile app). And when the call is done simply type a few notes about your conversation—or even better—dictate your notes from your mobile phone.
If you don't want to use the browser or mobile phone app no problem, you can have the call routed to your phone and it still get's automatically logged.



Do you wish you could see what companies your B2B website visitors are from?  Your wish is granted.
Now you can see in real-time which companies are visiting your site and how many different visitors from the same company are checking you out.
Filter the list to focus on the companies that you care about while HubSpot alerts your team about the prospects that matter to them.



Following up on customer commitments takes dedication and a whole lot of time.  It can easily take up to 5 or more emails before your lead takes the next step.
With sequences, you can automate that process. Schedule a series of customized and personalized email templates, and decide when those emails should be sent.
The goal is to re-engage with the lead, so once they reply to an email or you log an appropriate activity, the sequence stops.


Task Queues

Okay, your team is ready to power through a long list of calls. But the time it takes to create of list of people to call, then navigates through the CRM to find each contact record takes up a lot of time and can sap your team of their motivation.
Speed up and automate this process. Simply create a filtered list to pull in all the contacts that need to be called (for example, contacts who have not received a call in 30-days and who are at a specific sales stage) and add them to a Task Queue.  
When your team is ready, the Task Queue will automatically take them to the first appropriate contact record. Once they've logged their call, the queue will automatically take them to the next record on their list.
No more wasted time navigating.


Sometimes finding time on your prospect's calendar, which also works for you, can take longer than it took to get the commitment.
Now, you can send a link to your customer that allows them to choose a time that works with both your schedules. And there's no risk of double booking as it:
  • integrates with your calendar
  • allows you to decide what days/times are available
  • how long meetings should be
  • how much notice you require before a meeting can be scheduled
  • how much buffer time between meetings you need
Works with Google Calendar, Office 365, and HubSpot CRM.


And so much more

  • Documents - By seeing who views documents you send, and which pages they spend time on your team can personalize their pitch and you can optimize your documents.

  • Sales Automation - Automatically rotate inbound leads, create deals, create tasks, and more by using workflows to automate manual, time-consuming tasks.

  • Live Chat - connect directly with prospects when they're checking you out and route chats to the right salesperson automatically.

  • Email Scheduling - Machine learning call tell you when your prospect is most likely to read your email or schedule an email to be sent on a specific day and time.

  • Reporting - Out-of-the-box and customizable reports and dashboards make it easy to share high-level performance metrics with executives as well as dig into the nitty-gritty with your sales team.

  • Predictive Lead Scoring - prioritize who you should be calling based on a prospect's likelihood to become a customer so your team doesn't waste time on leads that are a poor-fit.