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Why are Buyer Personas Important and How Do I create them?

Creating buyer personas for your business allows you to segment your prospects into similar groups and create more effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

But, how do you start researching and creating these personas from scratch? And what do you do after you have your personas?

During the webinar you will learn best practices for persona research and create thorough, detailed buyer personas that you can share with your entire company.

We'll also share tips and tricks for:

  • Asking the right questions during your persona interviews and surveys
  • Formatting your persona research in a compelling way
  • Presenting your new, finalized buyer personas to your company
  • Using your buyer personas for segmentation, content mapping, and lead nurturing

Webinar Presenter:
 Lucy Railton, Founder of 22Eighteen

As and inbound marketing and sales professional I've learned  how important personas are. They provide guidance to the marketing team in creating more effective marketing campaigns and help prioritize the right content development.

They also help sales teams prioritize leads that resemble their best customers, and helps them customize responses based on each persona's unique interests and drivers.

Lucy Railton

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