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You don't need another website designer. You need a website that proves it is creating revenue.

Posted by Lucy Railton on 16/01/18 2:38 PM

Website designers do just that; they design websites. But, typically, they are not search engine optimization experts or digital marketers.

A good website designer will develop your website on a platform that you can easily manage after your new website has launched.

A not so good designer will custom code your site (or use a highly-customized WordPress template) leaving you with something that is difficult to use, doesn’t help manage content, is expensive to update, and has questionable security.

And some of them will even use your website footer to promote their business. That’s not right.

Don’t worry because you don’t need another website designer. So what do you need? How about:

  • a responsive (for mobile users) and secure (https) website that is optimized for search engines
  • a website that looks great today and that you can easily update ,so that you don’t need a complete website redesign in 2 years,
  • more than pretty—a website that works for you, helps you manage content to attracts visitors, helps convert them into leads and customers, and
  • something more than a digital brochure that provides a return on your investment by helping increase traffic and conversions.
That’s a lot, I know. But, it’s a small fraction of what you should consider before you begin to redesign your website.

If you want your website to help you increase revenue, then you need attract, engage, convert, and delight visitors—this is inbound marketing. An inbound marketing expert can walk you through the process of developing a website that takes into consideration:

  • bench marking your current website metrics so you can set goals and work towards improving your results,
  • preserving your current search engine rankings while optimizing your new site to improve them,
  • your target customers (or personas), the problems you help them solve, and what paths they are likely to take through your website as they convert from visitor to lead,
  • whether you should migrate your existing website to an inbound platform, or completely redesign it—many times a website redesign doesn’t result in a measurable ROI while updating your site using the inbound methodology does,
  • development of content and how to map it to your unique personas,
  • rewriting your current features focused website content into content that illustrates the benefits for your personas,
  • the importance of developing a site that you, or your team, can quickly and easily update on your own,
  • a website that is tied to your CRM so you can track visitors, identify trends, enhance performance, and prove ROI.
  • and more.

Websites that share information like a digital brochure add no value to your business and are simply an expense with little ROI. But a website that is engaging, optimized for search engines, and helps lead and nurture visitors through their discovery and buyer’s journey is not an expense—it’s a revenue generator!

As I have said before, you don’t need another website designer. You need a website that works for you and helps you reach your goals.


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