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Lucy Railton

Recent Posts

Canadian Business Growth Through Technology Adoption

by Lucy Railton on 10/22/19 11:20 AM

New technologies have transformed the way companies operate over the past decade. Smartphones, cloud technology, marketing automation systems and...

Digital Marketing Agency Models Don’t Work for Small Business

by Lucy Railton on 10/11/19 6:48 PM

Nothing stays the same, change is rapid and accelerating.  This is true for marketing as well. There’s a never ending emergence of new tools and...

How Much of Your Marketing Should You Outsource?

by Lucy Railton on 8/7/19 2:02 AM

Deciding which is the best resource for marketing your business is always a challenge. In the fast-paced marketing environment, many companies...

Forget Sales and Marketing Alignment, you need a unified business.

by Lucy Railton on 7/19/19 7:22 PM

For over 20 years, “sales and marketing alignment” has been a buzzy term in business. But today, alignment of these two teams - sales and...

Attention B2B Companies: It’s Time to Take a Fresh Look at Google Ads.

by Lucy Railton on 6/23/19 3:32 PM

Smartphones continue to reshape how people search for information on the internet. Today, 52% of all global internet traffic comes from mobile...

Inbound sales IS also outbound, and other amazing things I learned at HubSpot Sales Bootcamp.

by Lucy Railton on 3/5/18 10:41 PM

Very early in my career (as a marketing professional responsible for generating sales leads and resources to help close deals) I thought I knew...

Are you ready for Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation?

by Lucy Railton on 2/14/18 7:43 PM

Canadian businesses don’t have to worry about Europe’s new General Data Projection Regulation (GDPR), right?

Why are you paying your website designer to promote their business?

by Lucy Railton on 1/29/18 9:05 AM

Look down, way down.

Look at the footer on your website.  Is there a company name that is not your own, or image, that tells people who designed...

Content Is King, but We Can’t All Be Royalty. How Topic Clusters Might Lessen the Load

by Lucy Railton on 1/25/18 2:05 PM

“Content is King” is something marketers have heard for years. Blogs, white papers, case studies, ebooks, podcasts, videos you name it, marketers...

You don't need another website designer. You need a website that proves it is creating revenue.

by Lucy Railton on 1/16/18 2:38 PM

Website designers do just that; they design websites. But, typically, they are not search engine optimization experts or digital marketers.