Our focus is to help established small- to medium-sized service- and knowledge-based Business-to-Business (B2B) companies, in Southwestern Ontario, grow through customer-facing team alignment (sales, marketing, and service). When your teams are aligned, your business is unified.


We start by helping our clients identify the current sales, marketing, and customer service processes and tactics they currently use that aren't working and waste valuable resources. Then, by documenting who their best customers are, we help them align their team goals to improve customer experience and satisfaction. We also develop and execute contemporary inbound strategies that attract the right visitors to their website. Once there, we support effective prospect and customer conversations, which results in increased opportunities and higher ROI.

We help our customers develop sales, marketing, and customer service strategies that are easy to track, analyze, and enhance—strategies that convert visitors more frequently to leads, and customers, by supporting human-to-human conversations.


size of Perth county Ontario

Why is our name so weird?

22Eighteen Creative Growth is located in Stratford, Ontario--part of Perth County. 22Eighteen is a tribute to our community as the size of Perth County is 2,218 square kilometres.